UCSF Success Story Post!!

OK, so I cant believe I didn’t write about this sooner, but I was featured on one of the UCSF Facebook pages!!! they contacted me after my more recent surgeries and wanted to use me as a success story! I of course said yes, sent in some pictures and talked to a representative on the phone about my experiences at UCSF. They wrote a short paragraph about me and posted a couple pictures with it. This was so exciting to me!! while not ALL of my experiences were great at UCSF, the majority were amazing, and of course they DID save my life with emergency surgery…TWICE!

UCSF one

I have had a total of 8 surgeries since being diagnosed in 2008. The first being in 2011, and the most recent being this year at the end of may. All but one of these surgeries were performed by UCSF, and of those seven surgeries, only one was unrelated to Crohn’s disease. I am forever grateful to them for everything they have done for me!


I am so excited about this because of how far it has gone! This post has 1.6K “reactions”, 122 comments and 65 shares!! Sooo many people have seen it, and its still growing!

Please find my post on UCSF medical center, leave me some love, like and share! Help me raise awareness for Crohn’s disease!!

3 thoughts on “UCSF Success Story Post!!

    1. I actually have no idea how to do that. But if you search “UCSF medical center” and pick the one with the blue profile pic that says “UCSF health”. That’s the one that posted about me. There are a few posts above mine now


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