Exciting News!!(and scope pictures!)

Wow guys! It’s been over a month since I posted!

Nursing school has been keeping me busier than I expected! (and I expected to be busy!) But so far everything is going great! I got an A on my first test, and have test number 2 coming up in a couple weeks. I start clinicals in about 2 weeks and am SUPER excited about putting everything I’m learning into play at the hospital.

stethescope heart

One kind of funny thing that happened in class was when we had our NG tube lecture (a tube down your nose and into your stomach). Without even thinking I said “yeah, NG tubes suck!” and the teacher heard me and asked if I wanted to say a little bit about it to the class from a patient point of view. I of course agreed and in a nutshell told the class “NG tubes are barbaric and they are super uncomfortable! Be empathetic and NICE to your patients who have/need one!”. Shortly after that we were talking about parenteral nutrition or TNP (getting feed through an IV), which I also knew all about! I got a couple of funny looks and I just said “Yup! Diary of a Chronie!”. I’ve been getting a lot more questions since that lecture but I am more than happy to share my experiences to help them be better, more caring nurses. Also I just love to educate on Crohn’s.

And speaking of Crohn’s, you all know (I think) that I had a flare a few weeks ago…or so they thought. So I followed up with my GI at UCSF and he referred to to a UC Davis GI that he had worked with before so that I wouldn’t have to go so far to be checked out or to have the scope that I needed. So for the first time since almost my diagnosis, I had a scope done by someone other than my UCSF GI specialist. I was a little bit nervous, but definitely couldn’t beat the 15 min drive vs the 2+ hr drive to UCSF. And they took great care of me at Davis. They did take some biopsies but it was not of anything specific, just some random samples so I’m not too worried. And the BEST  news is that I am in “COMPLETE CLINICAL AND ENDOSCOPIC REMISSION!!!”,which overall means that I am healthy, there is no active Crohn’s in my small intestine and the stelara is doing its job.

scope results remission

I’m still having issues getting my stelara, and am currently past due for a dose, but will be getting it this weekend. I had a blood test to show the stelara levels to make sure they are where they need to be to maintain remission, that should be back in a few days. AND, like always, my loving husband got me a milkshake after my procedure, and this time got the bonus of curly fries too!


For those interested I’ll post a few pictures from my scope at the bottom of this post, as it was brought to my attention that most people have no idea what it looks like inside your intestines (I’ve seen sooooo many pictures from the dozens of scopes I have had throughout the years).


***If you are squeamish you should not continue to scroll, below is pictures of the inside of my intestine***










scope pics1
all normal, healthy looking small intestine
scop pics3
This one is kinda weird, to the right is the scarring from my FIRST reversal, before I perforated. So it was the old anastomosis site
scope pics2
the top picture has a few sutures from my last surgery that are still there


3 thoughts on “Exciting News!!(and scope pictures!)

  1. Hey, one of our employees is in a stage 3 or 4 trial for a new drug that is for Crohns! Its very exciting:)
    Congrats on your A, and on your “R”!

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