Lesson Learned!

Boy did I learn a lesson in self care last night! Yesterday was my first day of clinical in the hospital. I was very excited and nervous. The day went well, however I was so sidetracked with following nurses and trying to learn everything and anything, that I did not eat at all during the shift. The only food I had was breakfast at about 11am and then nothing till about 9-930pm. I also only had a few swallows of water during that entire time too. The funny thing was that I did not feel hungry at all while I was doing clinical. But as soon as things slowed down and we were just wrapping up, BAM! I have a terrible headache. As soon as the headache comes on I realized I had made a big mistake in not eating or drinking all shift.

By the time I got to the car to take my classmate home I was feeling pretty lousy and my head was pounding. Once I dropped her off my head was even worse and now I was getting really hot flushes and got extremely nauseated. I called Cody on the way home and asked him to pour some orange juice for me because I knew I was in trouble. When I got home I gulped down some OJ and then went to find some food to heat up. Pretty quickly I became very nauseous and started having trouble breathing. I knew what was coming by this point.

Orange slices with fresh water

My poor physical state coupled with probably low blood sugar threw me into a panic attack. Thank god Cody was home and he was able to quickly get me through the attack and then brought me a big mug of water and made food for me.

Once I got more water and some food in me I began to feel much better, but it was followed by an intense fog and fatigue. I went to bed shortly after that and tried to sleep. I feel fine today thankfully, other than very fatigued still, but I took it easy and tried to rest as much as I could with a test on Monday to study for!

I learned a big lesson yesterday, I need to pay attention to my body more, even when I am in a stressful situation. I cant take care of patients if I am falling apart! I will be bringing my own lunch now that I know where we can keep it, and I will never forget my water bottle ever again. I am so excited to be following my dream, but I have to stay vigilant if I want my body to keep up with me! I was so lucky that it was a Friday and I have the weekend to recover. I may not be that lucky next time, so I’m gonna do my best to avoid a “next time”.

food watch

The biggest point of me telling you this story is to know, yes you can follow your dreams and do what you want but don’t forget to listen to your body, and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST!

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